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Hey everyone!

Did you know that people are actually selling online free?

That’s right with zero money upfront for starting a online business. This should be good news for those who may have limited resources and just need a helping hand.

There are so many products and services out there this should offer many possibilities if you willing to get started with something that works.

I have never had the inclination to sell anything seriously online  until I started with Wealthy Affiliate because the process is sort of classically different and it works.

For example, if I needed to sell fruits and vegetables offline that is great , but online I was sucking lime until I was introduced to affiliate marketing via Wealthy Affiliate where you promote other people’s products and services online and receive commissions from referral sales.

Of  course you need to have several things in place and this process does not happen overnight. This is not a grab a quick copper process. So, bear that in mind as you carry on.

Here are the things you need to get started below:

1.    You need an affiliate program with a free starter membership where you can build a website.

2.      You need to pick something you are passionate about and promote it. This is called a niche. It could be in area of your choice like cyber security, horses, wealth or dating. The more evergreen your niche is the better.

2.    You need to build a website and select a theme.

3.      You need to add quality content, do SEO and add affiliate links and/or banners.

Amongst those, you need to stay focused with a sincere passion to get the work done.

Just imagine you can get all of this without spending a copper. IT’S FREE!

From where? Wealthy Affiliate.


I do not know about you, but the opportunity to join Wealthy Affiliate with a free starter membership is something worth having to help you out the gate. And, you do get limited benefits towards advancing your online business.

1.   Create a starter account with Wealthy Affiliate using your email address. A credit card is not required.Create a starter account with Wealthy Affiliate using your email address. A credit card is not required.

2.    Use the SiteBuilder with WordPress to build a beautiful website in less than one minute. The Jaaxy tool which is free also helps you to name your website. You get limited monthly researchs search to help you with keywords selection.

3.     Choose one of the themes are you ready to start the training for affiliate marketing. You have ten lessons to complete Level 1 of the training.


Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) with Google , Bing and Yahoo must be done prior to posting content on the website because the engines rate your content which could lead to rankings to produce traffic which leads to traffic and ultimately an opportunity for sales.

Therefore, you must activate   plugin the All In One SEO plugin to make your website SEO ready FREE!   Save whatever changes you make and remember it is not necessary to upgrade to the pro version at this time.

You are now ready to start putting content on your website.

A little SEO TIPS for you. 

1.    After posting your article, login to your back office.

2.    Click on the post. Click edit.

3.    Click on main settings. You will see caption, alt text and description.

4.    Fill out these areas. Find the section called tags and put your keywords there.

This is a simple way to do on page SEO to grab Google, Bing and Yahoo’s attention. I am hoping that these tips can help you out.

Now that you know how important these steps are it should make the entire process of building out your website much easier. So far your have not spent a copper. Right?

Let’s talk a bit about content and keywords.


After the website is built and training started, you need to start on your About Me page and first post for website. Jaaxy gives you the option to get low hanging fruit keywords to craft content Free. Jaaxylite is one of benefits of the free starter membership that offers limited searchs monthly.

The more content that you place on your website increases your chances of getting traffic to your website.


As long as people click on your link or banner and purchase the Wealthy Affiliate Program for $19 first monthly discounted premium payment, $39 monthly for six months, $49 monthly for one year or $ 359 for yearly premium, you have achieved the task of selling online free using affiliate marketing.

It is possible to do this with your site which costs $0 monthly although you do get more possibilities going premium.

Some people jump into premium before they are ready to deal with it financially and end up being frustrated when they upgrade and cannot return to a free starter membership.

So, you have to plan your steps very carefully. There is nothing wrong with building out your website with content until you are really to to upgrade to premium. By that time you should be able to save enough money to pay for premium and take your online business to the next level.


We discussed how selling online free is possible using the free starter membership, SiteBuilder with WordPress and Jaaxylite through Wealthy Affilate.

An indexed siterubix. com site  can help you to make sales with affiliate marketing if it is built out properly with keyword rich content.  Traffic is the key to making sales.

Work hard, work smart and make Work hard, work smart and make sales free online using affiliate marketing. Remember to have persistence, patience and determination. Just do it!

Thank you for reading with me today.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them below in the comments area, they will be answered.

Until next time, have a great day.

Blessings always


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  1. Happy New Year Maxine. How is business doing?
    2020 is a good year to sell WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

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