My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review - 2019.

My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review- 2019

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Wealthy Affiliate birds in flght to success!

Is Wealthy Affiliate for You? 
My honest Wealthy Affiliate Review- 2019 will help you to make a yes or no decision.

I would say yes upfront especially if you are willing to work hard to improve your situation by pushing obstacles out the way.

In my case,health issues caused employment problems and Wealthy Affiliate was an opportunity for me.

So,the answer was clear for me because I realized how lack of finances affected my health and I was ready to invest in myself to make  my life better.

At the time, I didn’t know how long it would take to start earning, But, I was willing to bring my best self forward to learn everything I needed to know about affiliate marketing.


I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate as a Top Affiliate for seven months training, learning and earning. All goals are not met. But, they will be soon. Things take time.

Seven months is not a long time, but it is long enough for me to know what I am going to talk about here. There are many reviews floating around from other affiliates whose primary goal is to get you to join Wealthy Affiliate to make a commission instead of helping you to know exactly what goes on here.

I am a bit different in how I think because of past failed ventures. It is my wholehearted belief that before joining any program, you should know the pros and cons so that you have all the information needed to make a decision that will affect your life.

Don’t get me wrong. I like commissions too, but I love helping people more, especially when they need honest advice. What is presented here I guarantee you to be the truth because I am not going to compromise myself for a copper.

And, if you expect me to get on about how great Wealthy Affiliate is, even though they are. Now isn’t the time for that. This is the time for truth as I know it. So that when you do join based on facts presented from my honest Wealthy Affiliate review – 2019, your decision would not be one filled with regret.



Today, we are going to talk about things you should know. They are as follows:

*   What is Wealthy Affiliate all about?

*   What is Affiliate Marketing about ?

*   How to Get Rolling! Join for free!

*   Do You Make Money Overnight?

*   What are the PROS ?

*   What are the CONS ?

*   Do I recommend Wealthy Affiliate ?

These are important areas and hopefully your curiosity to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate will remain piqued enough to stay to the end of the review.


Wealthy Affiliate is a learning community that was founded by 2 great ethical  Canadian men, Kyle and Carson about 14 years ago.The WEBSITE URL IS

Wealthy Affiliate is where affiliates are taught how to create an online business from the ground up using affiliate marketing which we will talk about a little later on.

Trainings are done to show you how to build a website, create content using keywords from Jaaxylite, master SEO and monetize your website using links from affiliate programs of your choice.

For the most part, these things are done to please the search engines. Why?

*    To get better ranking

*    To make it on page one for Google, Bing and Yahoo.

*    To receive free traffic without paying a copper.

Doesn’t this sound great?

When traffic comes to your website and  people click on your links, you stand a better chance to make conversions which are sales.  This entire process is taught at Wealthy Affiliate which is considered to be the best legitimate platform for online affiliate marketing.

Let’s talk a bit about affiliate marketing.



Affiliate marketing is a strategy where an individual earns commission by promoting the services/products of
a company.
Affiliate marketing can involve a blogger or an influencer. A blogger can select a business of his choice and use his blog posts to place links, banners or a button, that later lead customer or clients to that product or a merchant’s website.

When a customer buys the product through the link, the blogger, who is now an affiliate marketer, earns a commission. Commissions usually vary depending on the product and magnate of the sale.

An affiliate marketer can enter an affiliate program that will register him and connect him with a merchant of his choice.

Affiliate marketing is usually flexible and can be done at the comfort of your home as long as you have internet access.

Affiliate marketing works in four simple ways:

1. Joining an affiliate program.

2. Pick a product to promote.

3. You share a link that can lead someone to that product. You can share it either in social media, YouTube, blog, Facebook ads, blog posts and any way of your choice.

4. A customer clicks the link and ends up purchasing a product. You then earn your commission from the sale.

This is the oldest form of online marketing and its popularity continues to grow every day. Many successful affiliate marketers make a good living from this kind of business.

The good news is that Wealthy Affiliate  doesn’t prevent you from selecting affiliate programs of your choice to monetize your website. So, you are free to choose your flight to success.

So, you would have endless possibilities to grow a profitable online business.


Is Wealthy Affiliate for you? Or, are you tired of investing in ventures that turn out to be scams?
Think about these two questions seriously. Life is too short to be wasting time and  money.

Let’s find out how to get rolling towards a better way to save time , money and frustration.

Wealthy Affiliate has free starter membership where you sign up and get an idea of how Wealthy Affiliate works on a trial basis.

This is how I started and I stayed with them for seven months, became a certified online entrepreneur and have continued to promote Wealthy Affiliate .

The point is you join for free with zero pressure and no credit card is required at this point.

Without this opportunity, I probably wouldn’t have joined, but I  am glad that I did with the free starter membership which I upgraded to premium several days later.

Honestly, what you get in the free starter membership is very limited but you do get the following:

*    $0 /monthly

*     access to premium for seven days

*     2 sites

*     Level 1 of OEC ( 10 lessons )

*     limited Jaaxylite searches

*     limited themes

*     Live Chat

You can only complete Level 1 with the free starter membership. To complete Level 2 through Level 5, you have to upgrade to  premium which unfolds the entire platform and you do get the following:

*    50 domains

*    Access to OEC ( 50 lessons) and AB( 70 lessons)

*    SSL certificate, SiteSpeed and SiteProtect

*    Web hosting

*    SiteBuilder and over 3000 WordPress themes

*    limited Jaaxylite

*    Access to boatloads of resources made by members.

*   Live Weekly Webinars with Jay

*   Access to the brilliant Wealthy Affiliate Community

*    Access to the WA blog and Blogroll

*    SiteSupport, SiteContent, SiteComments and SiteFeedback and Question and Answer forum 24/7 365 days

*    Owner Support ( Kyle and Carson )

*    Live Chat

*    Prices: Pay $19 for the 1st month, then $49/monthly premium, 6 month premium is $39/month, yearly premium is $359. and Black Friday Special yearly is $299.

If you have zero experiences in affiliate marketing you can upgrade to receive additional training . But if you know how to build an online business already you may opt to stay with your free site. The choice is yours to make.

The purpose for these trainings is to build a profitable online business. Those who have niches like health, hiking, hunting or horses should go to Online Entrepreneur Certification(OEC) And, those who want to promote Wealthy Affiliate should go to Affiliate Bootcamp.

Pick your flight to success: OEC or AB and soar! Normally, you start with OEC, especially if you have the free starter membership and zero experience in online affiliate marketing. But, those who have premium and experience can go to Affiliate Bootcamp(AB).




No and Yes. It depends on where you are in the training. Do you think it is possible at Level 1? No. How about at Level 5? Yes, it’s possible.

In the beginning, you do not make anything because you have to grow your business to a point where it can start to make money with affiliate programs.

You have to continue to place keyword rich quality content on your site, gain Google trust, receive traffic and then conversions which are sales. Finally you could make a commission. This process takes about 4 to 6 months if you work consistently and avoid many distractions.

So yes you can make money overnight when traffic starts flowing to your site and people start to buy through your banners and links.

As with any business it needs an opportunity to grow and when the time is right income will flow into your website passively while your are sleeping.

With this business, do not look for a quick copper because you  will be disappointed. That’s my reason for honestly sharing with you what happens here.

You have to patient and persistent if this is what you want because this is long term investment in yourself.


The features offered for the free starter and premium memberships are the pros. This platform is one of the best in the world for online

What I like most of all are my websites and the training with Kyle.

Without them I would not be able to achieve this 7 month Wealthy Affiliate journey as a Top Affiliate.

Two other things I must highlight are SiteSupport  and the brilliant Wealthy Affiliate Community.

They are awesome.

SiteSupport is always there to assist you with technical issues 24/7 365 days of the year. The community is there as a rock siolid source of support.

Also, whenever you are stuck, reach out to the community and they will help you with any issue.


Wealthy Affiliate is such an excellent platform the cons are very few. But, they do exist and they are as follows:

1.    When you upgrade to premium membership, you can not return to free starter membership. So, do not go premium if you can not afford the long journey. Remember growing an online business takes hard work and time.

2.    The WA algorithms are sometimes played with by members to improve their WA ranking.

This does not make any sense to do this because ranking on WA does not earn you  a copper.

3.   Also, although it’s great posting daily on the WA blog and interacting with the Wealthy Affiliate community, you have to be careful  by avoiding distractions from following the training with Kyle.

4.     When you ask for comments through  SiteComments, sometimes you receive low quality comments and feedback instead of what you paid for.  Some affiliates do not know the difference between a comment and feedback.

5. Free starter memberships are for everyone except for people from Bangladesh, Egypt,Kenya and Vietnam. They must start with premium membership. Nigerians can not join Wealthy Affiliate.

Other than these minor issues, Wealthy Affiliate continues to be number one based on the stats.



Yes, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for the following reasons:

1.   You have boatloads of opportunities to continue learning and follow the training.

2.   You have support from the OWNERS( Kyle and Carson), SiteSupport, the brilliant Wealthy Affiliate Community, the Question and Answer forum and Live Chat 24/7 365 days.

3.   You receive a lot of value with membership for the price paid whether it is $49/month, $359/year, or $299 for Black Friday special yearly.

4.  You can private message(PM) other affiliates for one on one business dialogs.

5.  You have income proofs that Wealthy Affiliate works from success stories.

6.  You can get rolling for free without a credit card.

7.   You receive easy step by step training through OEC and AB to become a certified online entrepreneur.

8.   You can monetize your site with any affiliate program you like AND there are NO UPSELLS.

9.   You have access to LIVE CHAT with the free starter membership.

10.  You get 2 free websites and web hosting by WordPress with free starter membership.

11. My Rating For Wealthy Affiliate Is 98 out of 100.

As you can see, there are many opportunities here in this bright space.


Is Wealthy Affiliate for you?

Yes, if you are a:

1/ child that reads and writes well.

2/ stay at home mom or a
stay at home dad.

3/ retiree.

4/ disabled person.

5/ college student or

6/ business owner.

7/ pastor

8/ senior citizen.

9/ doctor.

10/ nurse.


We talked about  what Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing are all about  amongst other things as presented in my honest Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 so that you have an idea of what you  are getting into. Now, it is your turn to make a decision. And there is one more thing.

We didn’t talk about a special bonus if you join now with the free starter membership. I will become your coach, a position I take very seriously because I want to help you change your life for the better AND you will get 2 free websites.

By investing in yourself now is a step in the right direction for a brighter future for you and your family. There are many opportunities to gain and nothing to lose with Wealthy Affiliate.

With all being said, yes I am convinced that Wealthy Affiliate is for you! JOIN HERE.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them in the comments area, they will be answered.

Thank you for reading what I consider to be an honest Wealthy Affiliate 2019 review.

Until my next post, have an awesome day.

Blessings always,




8 thoughts on “My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review- 2019”

  1. Maxine,
    I really enjoyed your thoroughly written review on Wealthy Affiliate. You certainly have nothing left out. The honesty of each point what someone can expect when joining Wealthy Affiliate is priceless to me.

    Showing off the Pros and Cons is awesome as well. I, so far, have never seen any Cons when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate but, you are right, there are a few and I totally agree with your review of them.

    When I look back, well, I usually don’t, since I always love looking ahead instead. However, this looking back is the time where I have joined Wealthy Affiliate and it is now over 4 years ago.

    I had a bit of a bumpy ride, only in the beginning, due to personal circumstances but, I did pull through and kept going. Perhaps at a slower pace than others but, again, there is no competition with others only with oneself.

    Altogether, Maxine, this is a wonderful review on Wealthy Affiliate one of the best I have ever read.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation for those who choose to start an online business with affiliate marketing.

      A honest birdseye view of what goes on here should help those who are willing on growing a business.

      I am elated that you enjoyed my review and I certainly appreciate you complimenting the quality of my work. At times I judge myself for being to simple. But somehow I get my point across with clarity.

      People should know what they are facing before joining any program. I do hope this review is enough to help those who are truly serious about making money online.

      Thank you for reading and leaving a positive comment with me today.

      Have a great day.

      Blessings always

  2. Awesome post, Maxine! You’ve done a great job touching on all the bullet points I had for this review. I like your grand overview, it gives people a chance to get a quick overview of the article and easily navigate where they want to go within the review and the get the information. 

    Just out of curiosity, I’ve seen Wealthy Affiliate being compared to other affiliate programs online and I was curious as to how Wealthy Affiliate stands out? 

    I see here that the community comes with TONS of help, and that Wealthy  Affiliate  is a great place to get started! I believe that investing in a program like this is the first step to building out your business and making it a success. 

    1. Hey Koda,

      Fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate is legit and it has one of the best affiliate program in the world with a free starter membership.

      Flying with Wealthy Affiliate compared to others offers many wings of possibilities to grow an online business.

      Following the training and never giving up would certainly lead to success. Remember something of value takes time.

      My friend, thank you for stopping by and leaving a positive comment.

      Have a great day.

      Blessings always

  3. Thank you for your review. Maxine. As a new member of WA myself, its great to find reviews such as this to enhance one’s knowledge and offer guidance for maximising all the opportunities here at WA. One of the best things here for me is the amazing community in Wealthy Affiliate, the support system is more than amazing.

    You did mention that one cannot downgrade from premium membership to the free starter plan. What then happens if one does not continue to pay subsequent monthly premium?

    1. Maxine Georges

      Hey Mary,

      You’re most welcome.  I am glad that you appreciate the information and opportunities presented in this review. It is all for your benefit.

      Yes, the community is brilliant and the amount of support is is unbelievable and incredible.

      Unfortunately,  if you don’t make your premium payment your account will be suspended until you do make the payment. 

      Thank you for reading with me today.

      Blessings always 


  4. This is truly an honest review about Wealthy Affiliate. I joined it thinking I would just spend a few moments there and move on. So I enrolled for the free starter membership which drew me inn and I ended up becoming a member.
    You have given a thorough review about Wealthy Affiliate, giving full information of what it is all about and I thank you for doing a great job.
    I like the offer you have given the free starter members; of being their coach. This is an exceptional offer that shows your dedication to help others succeed online.
    Thank you this wonderful review and bringing out this information that will benefit many.

    1. Maxine Georges

      Thank you kindly Edgar. My intention is to help as many people as I can when they join Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Being informed about what to expect helps in a big way.

      This is really a great opportunity fir those who are serious about growing an online business using affiliate marketing. 

      With that being said, everyone is encouraged to join Wealthy Affiliate now.

      Thank you for the visit.

      Blessings always 


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