Is Working with Wealthy Affiliate a Waste of Time

Is Working With Wealthy Affliate A Waste Of Time?

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Hey Everyone!

I woke up this morning a little frustrated about not achieving a specific business goal after one year with Wealthy Affiliate. So, the question, “Is Working with Wealthy Affiliate A Waste Of Time?” came to mind.

My answer in all fairness to this open-ended question is a resounding, “Not really!”

I did not say flat out “no” because for some reason I needed some wiggle room for this one. Probably, there are solid reasons why I haven’t done as well as I thought I should.

I started to dig deeper and found out some plausible truths and I accepted them accordingly.

I took a look at myself before pointing my finger at others. As a result, I came up with at least 5 solid points:

1/ The way to the Moon should be in a well-built space ship, right? That’s why you shouldn’t take shortcuts in the training, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing. How would you know what steps to omit? I took shortcuts and I am paying the price for doing so.

The step by step training with Kyle is designed to help affiliates produce a professional website which could increase chances for success.

2/ Conceited stubbornness is a sure path to failure. How do you know what would drive traffic to your website early in its development? It’s better to listen to those who have trod the proven path and became successful.

Success will not come overnight. But, it will come as long as you keep dreams and the pursuit of them alive.

This is not the time to act like a donkey. Folks will walk away and leave you in that negative space.

3/ Accept where you are and build on it. Everyone have to start somewhere, right? Let’s face it. We have similarities but basically we’re different in many areas.

For example, I do have an eye disability. However, you may not. Long ago, I should have invested in a talk to text software like DRAGON NATURALLYSPEAKING.

i was trying to move as if everything was alright, which did not help me at all. The irony is that I see things clearly now.

Looking back I should have made better use of time and other tools to increase productivity.

4/ Traffic leads to potential conversions/sales, right? Yes, it does whether paid or unpaid.

I prefer unpaid traffic through SEO even though it takes much longer because it’s free.

Once more looking back, if I had installed email signup 6 months ago, traffic would have been much better.


5/ Reset monthly money goals, whenever necessary. You have to be realistic. Why rain on your own parade by setting a goal beyond your reach?

Could it be that an entrepreneur who promotes many affiliate programs would make more revenue than you who choose to promote only Wealthy Affiliate? Help yourself to build revenue by applying to other affiliate programs such as:

* Amazon

* ShareAsale

* Ebay

* Etsy

* Shopify

* JV Zoo

* Commission Junction

* YouTube

* Any other direct affiliate program

* IDplr

Be patient because it takes time to grow a profitable business. Getting there at a gradual pace is definitely doable.

Concluding Thoughts

Frustration could make you feel as if what you are doing is useless or just simply a waste of time. I answered the question, “Is working with Wealthy Affiliate a waste of time?” by taking a trip down memory lane.

Honestly, it’s a work in progress for the future

For example, if I had started my email list and joined about 5 other affiliate programs probably I would have come closer to my $2.000 monthly goal.  I have learned that a setback should push you forward because it does not mean to STOP. Just keep trying to meet your mark.

After all, there isn’t a limit on how many affiliate programs you can promote, right?

Bottom line it takes proper implementation of tools and other affiliate programs for goals to be realized.

If you have any questions or anything to share, please leave them below in the comment area. Feedback from you is always appreciated.

Since you’re here, click around and enjoy the other articles. Helping you is what I love doing.

Until next time, have a great day.

Blessings always,



2 thoughts on “Is Working With Wealthy Affliate A Waste Of Time?”

  1. Hello Maxine,

    I have in business long enough to know when I don’t see the expected progress, frustration sets in. Then excuses follow. Most people find themselves in this situation. So, you are not alone.

    Keep walking towards success.


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